Yaron Minsky committed 31415b8

removed logging from client

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     (fun host port sexp () -> dump ~host ~port ~sexp)
 let () =
-  Log.Global.set_output [ Log.Output.file `Text ~filename:("client.log") ];
     ( ~summary:"Utilities for interacting with message broker"
        [ "publish"  , pub_cmd
 let with_rpc_conn f ~host ~port =
- "starting RPC connection to %s:%d" host port;
     (Tcp.to_host_and_port host port)
     ~timeout:(sec 1.)
     (fun r w ->
- "Connection established";
       Rpc.Connection.create r w ~connection_state:()
       >>= function
-      | Error exn ->
- "Received error";
-        raise exn
-      | Ok conn ->
- "Calling handling function";
-        f conn
+      | Error exn -> raise exn
+      | Ok conn   -> f conn
 let start_server ~env ?(stop=Deferred.never ()) ~implementations ~port () =
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