# AppleEventBridge README

## About

AppleEventBridge provides client-side Apple event bindings for Swift and
Objective-C, enabling them to control "AppleScriptable" OS X applications
directly. For example:

  tell application "TextEdit" to get text of document 1

  let result = try TextEdit().documents[1].text.get() as! String

  id result = [[TEDApplication application].documents[1].text getItem];

## Status

AppleEventBridge is a modernized, reworked fork of the objc-appscript bridge
( Further development has been discontinued
in favor of the SwiftAutomation framework (
therefore its use is not recommended. (The most reliable way for Objective-C
applications to send Apple events is to call AppleScript handlers directly
via the AppleScript-Objective-C bridge.)

## Support

Swift and Objective-C documentation is provided, though still rough in places.
Code examples and a simple SwiftAETranslate app for translating AppleScript
commands to the equivalent Swift syntax are also included. 

For example, running the following AppleScript commands in SwiftAETranslate  
with the 'Send Apple events' option enabled:

  tell app "iTunes"
    make new playlist with properties {name: "My Faves"}
    duplicate every track whose artist is "Bjork" and rating ≥ 80 to result

displays each Apple event sent by AppleScript, along with the application's 
response, in the following format:

  ITunes().make(new: ITU.playlist, withProperties: [ "My Faves"])
  // ITunes().sources.ID(70).userPlaylists.ID(938)
  ITunes().tracks[(ITUIts.artist == "Bjork" && ITUIts.rating >= 80)]
                  .duplicate(to: ITunes().sources.ID(70).userPlaylists.ID(938))
  // [ITunes().sources.ID(70).userPlaylists.ID(938).fileTracks.ID(941), ...]

These raw commands are then easily adapted to create the finished Swift code:

  let itunes = ITunes()
  let playlist = itunes.make(new: ITU.playlist, 
                             withProperties: [ "My Faves"])
  itunes.tracks[ITUIts.artist == "Sigur Ros" 
             && ITUIts.rating >= 80].duplicate(to: playlist)

## Get it

To clone AppleEventBridge to your own machine:

    git clone

Swift support requires Swift 2.0 and Xcode 7 beta 3 or later.

## Etc.

Development of this software has ended. No warranty or support given,
E&OE, use at own risk, etc.

AppleEventBridge is released into the public domain.