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 8c872ae6f91c428225f8840754eb6e1ba3bb27da ver0.5.3
 a54c7f1fe4bf205b9e65f3f8db223f8287d884d6 ver0.5.4
 aecb021987fe06b48d6363f1a0bfd6f6a36aa4c4 ver0.5.5
+9d511524fbb26dbf4866fc1546211c4bdfac414c ver0.5.6


 from pgmagick import _pgmagick
-__version__ = '0.5.5'
+__version__ = '0.5.6'
 def __init():
     _version = '%s version: ???' % (LIBRARY)
-      version="0.5.5",
+      version="0.5.6",
       description="Yet Another Python wrapper for GraphicsMagick",
       author='Hideo Hattori',


         .value("DivideQuantumOp", Magick::DivideQuantumOp)
         .value("LShiftQuantumOp", Magick::LShiftQuantumOp)
-        .value("MultiplyQuantumOp)", Magick::MultiplyQuantumOp)
+        .value("MultiplyQuantumOp", Magick::MultiplyQuantumOp)
         .value("OrQuantumOp", Magick::OrQuantumOp)
         .value("RShiftQuantumOp", Magick::RShiftQuantumOp)
         .value("SubtractQuantumOp", Magick::SubtractQuantumOp)
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