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Changes to so it runs on windows and returns the subprocess object rather than waiting for execution to complete.

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File python-iview/iview/

 def rtmpdump(rtmp_url, rtmp_host, rtmp_app, rtmp_playpath, output_filename, resume=False, execvp=False):
 	executables = (
-			'rtmpdump',
+			'rtmpdump.exe',
 	for exec_attempt in executables:
 		print 'Starting %s...' % exec_attempt
 		args[0] = exec_attempt
-		try:
-			if execvp:
-				os.execvp(args[0], args)
-			else:
-				return subprocess.Popen(args, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
-		except OSError:
-			print 'Could not load %s, trying another...' % exec_attempt
-			continue
+		p = subprocess.Popen(args, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT,
+				stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
+		return p
 	print "It looks like you don't have a compatible downloader backend installed."
 	print "See the README file for more information about setting this up properly."