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Added a setting making transcoding optional.

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File python-iview/

         seriestitle =
     return validfilename(seriestitle)
-def postdownload(show):
+def transode(show):
     '''Called when a show download is complete.
     srcpath = show['filename']
         if success:
             print "Successfully downloaded %s" % (show['title'])
-            postdownload(show)
+            if SETTINGS['transcode']:
+                transcode(show)
             print "Error downloading."
             if os.path.isfile(outputfn):

File python-iview/settings.yaml

 run_once: True
 # Unix time of last run
 last_run: 0
+# Whether to transcode or not
+transcode: True
 # Uses the python fnmatch module - which allows matching using "?" and "*" like a DOS or shell command line
 # this is NOT case sensitive