Project CodeName:getValue

This project creates a server/service that allows for point querying of raster data sets via a url. It's kinda like WMS GetFeatureInfo except much simpler and uses a REST style API.

Author: Alex Mandel Copyright: University of California, Davis License: TBD Open Source


See the Readme inside the app folder.


There's a web client We do plan to create and R package, and possibly a QGIS plugin for easier usage.

Docker-Flask Setup - Not working

Originally was going to try making it run in docker, but that got complicated enough to not be worthwhile for the prototype. See above for how to deploy.

Docker-Flask is a Docker setup for a very simple Flask application. It runs on Python 2.x via Nginx and UWSGI. The apps folder contains example applications for testing.

Step 1: Install Docker

Step 2: Download docker-flask

$  git clone 
$  cd docker-flask

Step 3: Build docker-flask

$  docker build --rm --tag=flask .

Step 4: Run docker-flask

This runs it interactively

$  docker run -it -p 8080:80 flask

You should see Docker running a supervisord session with Nginx and UWSGI. Now all that's left to do is open up your browser and type the IP address localhost:8080

You should see the text Flask is running! in your browser. That's all there is to it!