A command-line application to hash files and add them to AniDB/edit their data. Can be used through "Send To" menu in the explorer interface as well as from the console.

Never use that slow and buggy AniDB-o-Matic again. Use this slow and buggy command-line client instead.

Written in Pascal/Delphi.


  • Lovely command-line interface for command-line interface freaks.
  • Strict compliance to AniDB short-term timeout rules. (I.e. you will not get banned suddenly because you've made too many requests in a short while. Well, you should not get.)
  • Hash and file caches (no requests and rehashings for files you've added already).
  • Auto-edit for files already in your mylist.
  • Smoothly integrates into the Explorer through the Send To menu.
  • Kind of optimized for multithreading (there's only so much you can do with AniDB timeouts though).
  • Does not encrypt your password while sending it through the network, thus allowing every hacker to steal it. (Panic).

Latest version

AniDB Tool 2012-06-21.

Complete readme file.