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jp-tools / AnkiKanjiList

Takes a list of kanji and builds a list of cards with on/kun readings and translations in a tab-separated format, sutiable for importing to Anki or updating Anki deck. Uses KANJIDIC compatible dictionary.


Usage: AnkiKanjiList.exe <file1> [file2] ... [-flags]
  -o output.file    specify output file (otherwise console)
  -k kanjidic.file  specify kanjidic file (otherwise KANJIDIC)
  -t 0/1/2          paste readings up to this rarity (default is 0)
  -ts               use html <s> tag for rare readings

Requires KANJIDIC-compatible file in the same directory.


Input file:


Output file:

償   ショ  つぐな.う   reparation, make up for, recompense, redeem jlpt1 jouyou8
里       さと <s></s>     ri, village, parent's home, league  jlpt1 jouyou2
俳   ハ       haiku, actor    jlpt1 jouyou6
容   ヨ   い.れる <s>かた ひろ まさ</s>    contain, form, looks    jlpt2 jouyou5
灰   カ   はい  ashes, puckery juice, cremate   jlpt2 jouyou6
圧   アツ エン オ お.す へ.す おさ.える お.さえる     pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate    jlpt2 jouyou5
冬   ト   ふゆ  winter  jlpt3 jouyou2
珍   チ   めずら.しい たから <s>じん</s>    rare, curious, strange  jlpt2 jouyou8
跡   セ   あと  tracks, mark, print, impression jlpt1 jouyou8
潮   チョ  しお うしお <s>いた</s>    tide, salt water, opportunity   jlpt1 jouyou6
筋   キ   すじ  muscle, sinew, tendon, fiber, plot, plan, descent   jlpt1 jouyou6
園   エ   その <s>おん ぞの</s>     park, garden, yard, farm    jlpt2 jouyou2


1. Make a list of kanji for studying

It can be built either manually (by picking out kanjis you need) or through other means:

  • Exported from other apps such as Wakan (Characters->Save to file) or other kanji dictionary
  • Generated by KanjiStats
  • Exported from existing Anki deck

2. Import cards to Anki with the help of this tool

If you're updating your deck, don't bother filtering out duplicates. Anki will ignore those.