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wakan / Changes


This page lists changes in various versions of Wakan, in historical order. For changes in versions earlier than 1.67, see old history page.


  • Redesigned kanji search panel - share your thoughts


  • Dictionary and component downloader with auto-import


  • Streamlined manual dictionary import

  • Links and copy formats for both kanji and words are now stored as standard XSLT and LNK files
  • Modern font support (Meiryo, Yu Mincho/Gothic and others)
  • Support for ENAMDICT tags
  • Added Palladium cyrillization of Chinese
  • Fixed Pinyin and Bopomofo tone display
  • More uniform font usage throughout the app


Warning: wakan.chr format changed. Wakan 1.87+ cannot load older wakan.chr, and Wakan <= 1.87 cannot load new ones.

  • New wakan.chr format -- older wakan.chrs won't load.
  • New compatible wakan.chr with latest information from KANJIDIC and Unihan included.
  • You can now make your own language versions of wakan.chr (although this is a little clumsy). Go to Settings-> Database managment-> Import character data.


  • Redesigned KanjiDetails with less visual clutter, cleaner categories (older combobox is also available).


  • "Word examples" button in Kanji details.

  • Custom links for kanji and expressions.
  • Ctrl-C in dictionary lets you copy results in different formats — right-click dictionary results.


  • Unified JP->EN, EN->JP lookup in dictionary


  • Redesigned transliteration selection, you can now create custom romaji systems.


Since Wakan 1.67 to Wakan 1.85

Warning: Dictionary format changed. Wakan 1.80+ can load older dictionaries, but new dictionaries will not load in older Wakans.


  • New dictionary format with full support for EDICT2 (multi-kana multi-kanji multi-sense articles), full multi-lingual support.
  • EDICT2 import
  • CC-EDICT import 1.8.17
  • Auto-import and auto-update for dictionaries. Just place the latest EDICT/EDICT2/CEDICT/etc file in the Wakan folder.
  • Multilingual dict support. You can now import versions of EDICT in your local language (i.e. japanese->czech).
  • Dynamic priority for dictionaries (reorder your dictionaries in dictionary manager)

Character data

  • Import non-English language KANJIDIC (Settings> Database> Import char data) (parts of Issue #120) 1.8.18

Text translator

  • Greatly increased translation speed. A text which took Wakan 1.67 6 minutes to translate now takes about 4 seconds.
  • Multithreaded translation feature (further speedup)
  • Option to disable "You're about to translate a long text fragment" warning.
  • You can now abort the translation process at any time.
  • Aozora-Ruby support. Load or paste text with aozora-ruby and it'll be displayed with ruby above the text. Save auto-generated readings in Aozora-Ruby format and read the text in your favorite aozora-bunko reader.
  • Export as HTML with Ruby (Issue #24), OpenDocument Text with Ruby (opens in LibreOffice) (Issue #113), kanji+kana with spaces (Issue #58) 1.8.16
  • Copy as HTML (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V into Word with Ruby), annotated text as text with ruby (Ctrl-Shift-C) (Issue #94) 1.8.16
  • Copy text with translations between Wakan instances (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V in another Wakan) (Issue #114) 1.8.16


  • Kanji list now refreshes several times faster.
  • Faster loading, up to 8 times compared to Wakan 1.67, even with big user vocabularies.

Misc features

  • Fullscreen Mode (press F11)
  • Option to not show splash screen on start.
  • CommandLine enhancements:
    • You can open files for editing by passing them to Wakan.
    • Dictionaries can be imported from the command line.
  • Nicer settings dialog, more pages and more logical grouping of options
  • Dictionary tag list updated to the lastes one for EDICT.
  • Dictionary tags translation. It is now possible to have all those "pop" and "adj-na" tags in your native language.
  • Raine radicals list updated to the latest version.
  • Option to disable "Do you want to save changes?" warning.
  • Option to disable automatic priority adjustment based on what you type (no more "User data changed" messages after editing a text).
  • Portable Wakan (Issue #108, Issue #19) 1.8.15 - See Portable
  • Multi-select kanji and mass-add to groups (Issue #20) 1.8.15
  • Any font size in Editor (Issue #56) 1.8.15
  • Category manager, merge and duplicate categories (Issue #57) 1.8.15
  • Option to save search params\save column widths on exit (Issue #98) 1.8.15
  • Allow resizing for some panels (Issue #92) 1.8.16
  • Portrait layout (Tools> Portrait mode) (Issue #100) 1.8.16

Bugfixes and misc

  • WordIndex and CharIndex are incorrectly reported as missing when dictionary isn't loaded.
  • Do not write wakan.lay since it's not being read anymore
  • Temporary data in annot\ not being deleted
  • Text editor: Finalize insert before selecting all (Ctrl-A)
  • Wakan resets currently selected group in KanjiDetails from time to time
  • Reload kanji details when cancelling user changes
  • user\char*.bin files being left in Wakan folder
  • Flicker when selecting text/scrolling through selected text in the editor.
  • Last, partially visible line in the editor is not drawn
  • First paragraph not being rendered correctly when visible only partially
  • Process messages while displaying the translation progress
  • Dictionary manager, Settings now close by ESC key
  • Progress bar for import/export vocab (Issue #105) 1.8.15
  • Popup hint might make vocabulary edits go to the wrong word (Issue #35) 1.8.15
  • Shift-Click does not select text in the editor (Issue #104) 1.8.15
  • Text selection in several controls is buggy (Issue #117) 1.8.16
  • Fonts are not auto-detected properly when Japanese locale is active (Issue #122) 1.8.16

Files changed

  • wakan.exe -- recompiled
  • en.lng -- added translation lines
  • ru.lng -- added translation lines, corrected translation
  • all languages -- minor changes
  • wakan.rad -- radical list updated from RADKFILE
  • wakan.sod -- recompiled
  • wakan.cfg -- kana conversion params added, format of various sections changed
  • wakan.ini -- added, optional
  • 7z.dll -- added, needed for exporting in OpenDocument, also for auto-downloading