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Wakan is a versatile tool for students of Japanese or Chinese. It features a character dictionary, a word dictionary, a text editor, a vocabulary management utility, many printing options (character flashcards, vocabulary lists, text including furigana), and a text translation tool. Wakan will help you to read real Japanese or Chinese text with minimum knowledge of characters and vocabulary.

This is the continuation of the older Wakan project. Many bugs were fixed, user experience improved and features added - see Changes.

Wakan can be installed or used as a portable app. It can be installed over version 1.67, though it's recommended that you uninstall 1.67 first (settings and data will be preserved).

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Latest version: 1.98.1

  • Fixed Pinyin and Bopomofo tones display
  • Added Palladium cyrillization of Chinese
  • Modern font support (Meiryo, Yu Mincho/Gothic and others)
  • Redesigned kanji search panel


  • Dictionary and component downloader with auto-import


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The program itself is free and open source. However it uses dictionaries and character databases covered by separate licenses. For details, please see copyright and license information.