What is it?

This is a test add-on for HipChat Integrations platform.

It does not do much useful stuff.

Instead, it allows you to play with API functionality, see how Cards, Glances, etc., look like and grab the code as working example for your own project

How do I get set up?

  1. If you want to just play with existing functionality, add-on is currently deployed at Heroku. You can just install this integration in your room.

  2. If you want to run add-on server locally

npm install

DEBUG=HipConnectTester:* npm start

You will need redis running.

If you want to install integration to, you'll likely need ngrok and change "localBaseUrl": "", in config.json


  1. Get added to the Atlassian heroku account.
  2. Install the heroku toolbelt.
  3. heroku login
  4. heroku git:remote -a hip-connect-tester
  5. git push heroku master


Add-on adds 3 Glances to your room:


From where you can send the information to chat view, like cards:


Or vice versa, from chat view to your add-on