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tweak backend test collection

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 # nightly test configuration for the paraller runner
 import os
+import platform
+# manually set variables to force some specific form of machine based collection
+_ARM = platform.machine().startswith('arm')
+_X86 = platform.machine().startswith('x86')
-    'translator/c', 'translator/jvm', 'rlib', 'rpython/memory',
-    'jit/backend/x86', 'jit/metainterp', 'rpython/test',
+    'translator/c', 'translator/jvm', 'rlib',
+    'rpython/memory', 'jit/metainterp', 'rpython/test',
+backend_tests = {'arm':'jit/backend/arm', 'x86':'jit/backend/x86'}
+def add_backend_tests():
+    l = []
+    if _ARM:
+        l.append('arm')
+    if _X86: # X86 for now, adapt as required for PPC
+        l.append('x86')
+    for i in l:
+        if backend_tests[i] in DIRS_SPLIT:
+            continue
+        DIRS_SPLIT.append(backend_tests[i])
 def collect_one_testdir(testdirs, reldir, tests):
+    add_backend_tests()
     for dir in DIRS_SPLIT:
         if reldir.startswith(dir):
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