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What is it?

gtdstack is a system for managing tasks/todos while dealing with interruptions. While you work on finishing a task on your todo, if something important comes in, simply add it to your stack, complete it and when you come back, tell gtdstack you're done and it will remind what you were doing just before you took the detour.

Why should I use it?

If like me, you 'live in the moment', are spontaneous and have a hard time back-tracking what you were doing before the inspiration to do something else hit you, this app is for you!

Using it takes a little discipline, however not as much as remembering everything in your head. Using gtdstack for basic todo management takes little or no extra learning.

How to Use

Crash Course:

  1. Type 'a' followed by a task description of what you are doing now.
  2. Type 'd' when done with whatever you are doing.
  3. Type 'l' to see a list of pending tasks.

That's it! These three commands should get you started!

Read the complete tutorial.

How To Access/Install

Add gtdstack (at) to your jabber/gtalk contacts and start using it right away.

If you prefer to have everything under your control, download the source code and use it as you want - as a command line app, or as a private bot on your own google app engine instance.

Important: The chat bot is currently being tested heavily - so please ensure you also keep a backup of your todo list locally. Just in case. I'll mark this page when it is stable to use without worrying.