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You are probably better off by using yolk directly...

Errors most likely, it's just a simple, erh.., programm is said too much, it's really just a simple hack for the lazy!


If you are proficient with python, you might want to skip this part, it lists only one way of doing it (virtualenv).

Download this from bitbucket, either via cloning (a) or by getting a tarball/"zipball":

Step 1

a) git clone ssh://git@bitbucket.org/hixi/lppv.git lppv

instead of using lppv you might want to choose your own directory

go to step 2

b) create a new directory, ie. lppv

cd lppv/

wget https://bitbucket.org/hixi/lppv/get/master.zip

unzip master.zip

got to step 2

Step 2

in your directory, create a new virtualenv:

virtualenv .

use pip to install the dependencies

. bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

You are now ready to go!


Insert your packages list with the format <Package>==<Version> into your_versions.txt, a package per line:

For example:

File: your_versions.txt




Then run ./get_recent_versions.py and you get listed, which packages could possibly need an update and which ones are up to date.