Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed b1881ca

Fixed 'copy place details' to exclude the current place in candidates

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         json = simplejson.loads(resp.content)
         self.assertEqual(json['places'][0]['name'], self.place_details['name'])
+    def test_places_json_with_exclusion(self):
+        self.login()
+        self.create_place()
+        acc = self.get_account()
+        resp = self.client.get(reverse('cciw.bookings.views.places_json') +
+                               ("?exclude=%d" % acc.bookings.all()[0].id))
+        json = simplejson.loads(resp.content)
+        self.assertEqual(json['places'], [])
+    def test_places_json_with_bad_exclusion(self):
+        self.login()
+        resp = self.client.get(reverse('cciw.bookings.views.places_json') +"?exclude=x")
+        json = simplejson.loads(resp.content)
+        self.assertEqual(json['places'], [])
     def test_account_json(self):
         acc = self.get_account()


 def places_json(request):
     retval = {'status': 'success'}
+    qs = request.booking_account.bookings.all()
+    if 'exclude' in request.GET:
+        try:
+            exclude_id = int(request.GET['exclude'])
+            qs = qs.exclude(id=exclude_id)
+        except ValueError:
+            pass
     retval['places'] = [dict((k, getattr(b, k)) for k in BOOKING_PLACE_PUBLIC_ATTRS)
-                        for b in request.booking_account.bookings.all()]
+                        for b in qs]
     return retval


        /* Load data about existing places */
            type: "GET",
-           url: '{% url "cciw.bookings.views.places_json" %}',
+           url: '{% url "cciw.bookings.views.places_json" %}?exclude={{ }}',
            dataType: "json",
            success: handleExistingPlacesData
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