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 CCIW source code
-This code is not intended to be an out of the box solution for anyone -- it
-is a snapshot of the source code of the CCIW website made available simply
-for those who wish to browse the source (or copy it under a BSD license).  I
-don't have the time to support anything here (apart from the 'validator' app
-which happens to be included but is distributed separately), so you are
-completely on your own in terms of working things out!
-Nor is it meant to be 'best practice' Django -- Django has changed
-since the project has started, and I don't claim to be the world's
-greatest Python/Django programmer anyway.
-It also doesn't include various bit and pieces that would not have
-been useful to other people e.g. my database migration scripts and
-various media files.
+A lot of this code is quite old. It has been updated to work with latest
+Django, but might be quite different if written from scratch.
-You should be using the {{ url }} tag instead of hard coding URLs as I have
-done -- Adrian wrote RegexURLResolver after I wrote this.
+A lot of code needs to be updated to use the {{ url }} tag which was added
+after I wrote the bulk of the code.