Adam Morris committed 2c624bc

Fix xrange -> range for Python 3.

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         min_col = column_index_from_string(min_col)
         max_col = column_index_from_string(max_col)
         # Blank out the rest of the cells in the range
-        for col in xrange(min_col,max_col+1):
-            for row in xrange(min_row,max_row+1):
+        for col in range(min_col,max_col+1):
+            for row in range(min_row,max_row+1):
                 if not (row == min_row and col == min_col):
                     # PHPExcel adds cell and specifically blanks it out if it doesn't exist
                     self._get_cell('%s%s' % (get_column_letter(col), row)).value = None