= shinken2rrd =
This is a small broker module for shinken, which allow to
send performance data from (nagios) plugins via udp connection to a 
central host. Each packet contains line(s) of ascii data:
<key> <value> [<value> ...]

The format of the packets send out from the udp_perfdata_broker module for services
can be defined (see _udp_template in etc/conf.d/services.cfg).

The default format for the host check udp_perfdata_broker module can be defined in etc/shinken-specific.cfg,
the default is suited for the ping nagios plugin host test.
The module uses the python 2.6 .format() power,
so the module is not running on a lower python version, sorry.

A small example server to put those data into rrd databases is included
(see etc/rrdserver.conf for rrd generating templates).

== graphite-carbon ==
As an alternative to rrd files a patch to the carbon UDP receiver is included.
carbon is storing at the moment in whisper files, but that's internal to carbon.

The carbon receiver accepts udp packets like:
<key> <value> [<value> ...]