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Updated README with the Clojars problem and the Lighthouse tracker

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   first in the file. Comments may precede the form. The symbol is allowed
   to be fully qualified: `clojure.core/ns`.
-* In order for the scp deployment of [Clojars][cr] to work, you have to
-  replace the jsch jar in `${{GRADLE_HOME}/lib` with jsch-0.1.29.jar.
-  Otherwise the transfer might hang.  See this [ant bug][antbug] for more
-  information.
+* [Clojars][cr] deployment is currently broken, because the clojars server
+  does not like a single Java implementation of ssh. With other servers like
+  the „real“ ssh it works quite well, though. I suspect the issue to be on
+  the clojars side.
 ## Usage
 ## Clojars Deployment
-Additional to configuration of the `Upload` tasks with `configureClojarsDeploy`
-you also have to specify the location of the keyfile and the passphrase you
-use to access [Clojars][cr]. This can be done independent of the projects
-in a file called `${HOME}/.gradle/`.
-    clojarsKeyfile = /Users/mb/.ssh/id_dsa
-    clojarsPassphrase = My super secret passphrase
-**Be sure to correctly secure this file! Or your key might be compromised!**
+**Note: Does work only on Unix/Mac OS via shell out to scp. Does not
+work on Windows! Make sure you have agent running which handles your
+clojars key.**
 ## Issues
 This is **alpha** software! Expect problems! Please report issues in the
-bugtracker at [bitbucket in the 'Issues' tab][cg].
+bugtracker at [the lighthouse tracker][lh].
 Meikel Brandmeyer <>
-Frankfurt am Main, December 2009
+Frankfurt am Main, January 2010