Hugo Lopes Tavares avatar Hugo Lopes Tavares committed 19f4d0f

only show output from hook if it fails

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 virtualenvwrapper_verify_workon_home () {
     if [ ! -d "$WORKON_HOME" ]
-        [ "$1" != "-q" ] && echo "NOTE: Virtual environments directory '$WORKON_HOME' does not exist.  Creating..." 1>&2
+        [ "$1" != "-q" ] && echo "NOTE: '$WORKON_HOME' does not exist. Creating it at $WORKON_HOME ..." 1>&2
         mkdir $WORKON_HOME
     return 0
         echo "ERROR: Could not create temporary file name. Make sure TMPDIR is set." 1>&2
         return 1
-    "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -c 'from virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader import main; main()' $HOOK_VERBOSE_OPTION --script "$hook_script" "$@"
+    output=$("$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -c 'from virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader import main; main()' $HOOK_VERBOSE_OPTION --script "$hook_script" "$@" 2>&1)
     if [ $result -eq 0 ]
             return 2
         source "$hook_script"
+    else
+        echo $output
     \rm -f "$hook_script" >/dev/null 2>&1
     return $result
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