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bamboo-accurev-plugin / Development



In order to develop the bamboo-accurev-plugin you should following the atlassian plugin development guide located here

Basically once the source is downloaded and the SDK is in your PATH variable all you have to do is to run

atlas-run --lib-plugins org.perf4j:perf4j:0.9.16

from the root of the source tree. What this is doing is building and installing the plugin plus it's dependency which is required at runtime. This is really handy as the alternative is to find the lib directory in maven target and install it yourself.


Please raise any issues that you are experiencing with the plugin in the issues section of the BitBucket project where it is hosted. You could also clone the project and created fixes then send pull requests for us to code review and then get them included in the next release.

See here for the issue tracking tool in bitbucket

Verbose Logging

You can enable verbose logging in the plugin by adding in the development options when specifying the development option in the plan configuration.

In the text box "Development Options", under advanced configuration you can enter the option "verbose.output" in order to get the plugin to log at DEBUG level.