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bamboo-accurev-plugin / Installation




  1. Download required version of AccuRev repository plug-in and the performance jar (currently perf4j-0.9.16.jar) from
  2. Define the log4j properties that you require for your logging and example is here:
  3. Put files into '$BAMBOO_HOME/webapp/WEB-INF/lib' directory
  4. Restart Bamboo Server
  5. Go to Bamboo Administration page and click System Information in System category
  6. Check that 'AccuRev Repository' plugin and its correct version are listed in Enabled Plugins section of the page (see below)

Enabled Plugin


AccuRev Client Location


Plugin uses AccuRev command line client to perform all its actions. By default it executes just 'accurev' binary without a full path assuming that it is the $PATH. If it is not the case AccuRev client install path has to be known to the plugin on server and/or every Build Agent.

AccuRev client location has to be specified as a custom Capability named 'accurev.path'

This assumes that the path that you specify has a bin directory after the installation. If you want to specify the accurev binary itself, see below for accurev.binary

Server Capabilities

Server ConfigurationAgent Configuration
1) Go to Administration page
2) Click on Server Capabilities in Build Resources section
3) In Add Capability section chose Custom, enter Key value 'accurev.path' and AccuRev client installation path as a Value base path only)
4) Click Add button
1) Go to Administration page
2) Click on Agents in Build Resources section
3) For every Agent that has to get sources from AccuRev View link and do remaining steps
4) On Capabilities tab click on Add Custom
5) On Add Capability screen Custom, enter Key value 'accurev.path' and AccuRev client installation path as a Value
6) Click Add button


Instead of telling the server capability where the root installation of the accurev client is you can also specify the actual accurev binary that is installed on the system. This is done in the same way as above but you just specify the "accurev.binary" variable along with the value of where on the system the client binary is installed.