Django-based Maillist of News

The goal of this project just offers some simple features that less than the Mailchimp. Take one step back to say: why not just use the Mailchimp, but rebuild another simple and less feature wheel?

First of all, the Mailchimp could not support zh-Hant web page, although in the future, I certainly bet they will. To my target customers, the kitchen of he/she on fire and I have fire extinguishers, it is no necessary to wait for the fire brigade.

Second, we already have some good sending mail solutions in Taiwan, for ex: Why do I build the another similar service? Reason one, they don't have a fancy e-paper builder; The second reason, they only serve services around sending email, but our customers want total solutions to solve the demands of their ec-site and CMS. That is why I build this site as a django-based app, it will be integrated to our other web site project.

Customize E-Paper/Content/Letter/Piece

  1. Choose content layout: one column? two column? or free style?
  2. Edit the blocks of choosing template by each, and could upload images or files to the block
  3. Set the settings of this content template

News Group

A news group can contains multiple pieces of news. And set the duration between those pieces and sending priority.

Scheduled Sending

Setting a clear time to sending the piece of news

Delay Sending

Recipient can has a blank duration between the pieces of news so that he/she will not receive many pieces of news in a short time.

Permission Marketing

Allows recipients to choose whether or not to be subjected to marketing.


The delivery channels can be used by E-mail, Line, Tweet, FB Messages, Skype, Telegram, ...

Reply Management

Every epaper uses unique reply-to header so that the recipient can just replies his/her epaper from personal mail client application.

Full Api Control

Has a RESTful api service to offer full controls


Multi messengers, Reusable application for Django introducing a message delivery framework :

mail queue backend:

Mail Queue:

multi email backends:


speed-up HTML email developpement workflow in django:

Django Mail Factory lets you manage your email in a multilingual project:

send PGP encrypted and multipart emails using Django templates:

A Django email backend that uses a Celery queue for out-of-band sending of the messages:

Class-based email views for the Django framework, including a message previewer:

Django Post Office is a simple app to send and manage your emails in Django:

  • Allows you to send email asynchronously
  • Multi backend support
  • Supports HTML email
  • Supports database based email templates
  • Built in scheduling support
  • Works well with task queues like RQ or Celery
  • Uses multiprocessing to send a large number of emails in parallel
  • Supports multilingual email templates (i18n)

mail queuing and management for the Django web framework:

A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service: