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update tests to check temp files

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     # put the test-scratch virtualenv's bin dir first on the script path
     environ['PATH'] = "%s%s%s" % (virtualenv_bin_dir(base_path), os.pathsep, environ['PATH'])
-    env = TestFileEnvironment(base_path, ignore_hidden=False, environ=environ)
+    env = TestFileEnvironment(base_path, ignore_hidden=False, environ=environ,
+                              capture_temp=True, assert_no_temp=True), '-m', 'virtualenv', '--no-site-packages', env.base_path)
     # test that test-scratch virtualenv creation produced sensible venv python
     Ignores mtime and other file attributes; only presence/absence and
     size are considered.
     ignore = ignore or []
     start_keys = set([k for k in start.keys()
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     sys.stderr.write("Run pip's tests using nosetests. Requires virtualenv, ScriptTest, and nose.\n")