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Issue #4 resolved
Stefan created an issue


I came back to some mappability analyses I did with umap some time ago and I still had my uint8 files. The mappability analysis I did was with two k-mer lengths: 100 and 150. When trying to run Int8Handler I got the error:

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'pathtofolder/kmers/k100/chr-1.uint8.unique.gz'

Which made sense given that my files are named <chrom>.<kmer>.uint8.unique.gz. In lines 25-27 of the Int8Handler code there's written:

The Int8Handler class requires in_dir argument which
is a directory with subfolders named as k<integer>
that have <chrom>.<kmer>.uint8.unique.gz files.

So up until here it corresponds to what I have, but then the parameter in_dir is described in line 32 as:

param in_dir: Directory with <chrom>.uint8.unique.gz files

There's some inconsistency here that needs to be addressed. In my case, to solve the issue I needed to change the Int8Handler code at line 95 for it to work.

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  1. Mehran Karimzadeh

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for reporting the issue. The Int8Handler requires the directory named as globalmap_k100tok150 in your case. Therefore you are right, the in_dir definition in the docstring is wrong.

    I will clarify that in the next release.

    Thanks again for reporting this.

    Best, Mehran

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