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example/	Contains an example
vapi/		Contains the actual bindings

Some notes:
 - You need to have SFML2 (depends on libsoundfile, OpenAL, GLEW and SOIL) and CSFML2 installed.
 - There are no SFML 1.x bindings available, and I'm not planning to write them. The current development focus is on SFML2.
 - There is no documentation. Yet.
 - Classes and methods (and their derivations) that use "delegate" were not tested.
 - SFML's Thread might not be implemented.
 - Some things (such as Mutex, Thread, Sleep) can be done using Vala and SFML, you should do using Vala.
 - Network is left away for now.

Date			Version		Notes
30.10.2012		0.3			Finished updating and creating
								System, Window, Graphics and Audio VAPI
28.10.2012		0.2b			Renamed old Image to Texture and
								made few changes to basically work with 27/10/2012 SFML git commit
26.04.2010		0.2			Made RenderImage.available () and
								Shader.available () static.
25.04.2010		0.1			Initial release.