This is the HatKit proxy, built upon the OWASP Proxy

The owasp proxy is provided as a jar-file and is required to be on the 
classpath when running the Hatkit proxy. 

About owasp proxy
It currently includes support for acting as a SOCKS 4 or 5 proxy, an HTTP 
proxy, and an AJP (Apache JServ Protocol) proxy.

It also includes support for intercepting SSL connections between a client 
and server, by presenting a certificate and negotiating the SSL connection 
as though it was the server. It can even generate "target-specific" certs,
signed by a persistent CA cert, so that users can import the CA cert into
their User-Agent (e.g. browser), and avoid the "invalid certificate" 

Building HatKit PRoxy

You will need drivers for MongoDB and you need either to have the owasp-proxy jarfile
or the owasp-proxy project as referenced project (in Eclipse). Otherwise, it should
all be easy peasy. 

Using Hatkit Proxy

java -jar  hatkit-proxy.jar

You will need the following files:

hatkit-proxy.jar 	<-- The application
lib/owasp-proxy.jar		<-- Owasp proxy
lib/mongo-1.3.jar		<-- Drivers for mongodb (optional)
If they are placed in the same directory, you should encounter no problem.