How to install DotNetScripting

  1. Go to the "Downloads" tab.
  2. Download the latest version of the installer.
  3. Run the installer.

How to use DotNetScripting

  1. Create an empty .netscript file.
  2. Right click and select Edit in Visual Studio. This creates a temporary Visual Studio project for your script.
  3. Edit the code. You can use F5 to run and debug -- this will happen in the script's working directory.
  4. When you are done, save the script and exit Visual Studio. Don't save the generated project.
  5. Run the script anytime by double-clicking it or running it from the command line.

How to build DotNetScripting

Prerequisites: Visual Studio 2010 (Visual C# Express is sufficient) and Inno Setup

  1. Build all projects in the DotNetScripting solution.
  2. Compile the Inno setup script.
  3. Run the generated installer.