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Issue #2 resolved

create sdes atom

Santino Fuentes
repo owner created an issue

create store description atom introduced at or around itunes 10.2.x. note this atom allows standard SRT style italics in <i>blah</i> format.

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  1. Santino Fuentes reporter

    currently there are 3 description atoms visible in iTunes content.

    • desc
    • ldes
    • sdes

    desc = small description (255 chars) visible in iTunes. This description is also shown on the Apple TV v1.

    ldes = long description visible at time of purchase from iTunes store with iTunes 10.2.x. Only visible in iTunes 10.2.x on assets procured from the iTunes store. If asset is removed from iTunes and subsequently re-imported this atom is not available to be viewed. On iTunes < 10.2.x this atom is always viewable. This description is also shown on the Apple TV v2.

    sdes = store description. This description matches the description found on the iTunes store page for the relevant asset. Not viewable within iTunes. Does not appear to be of any use to end users at this time.

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