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Benjamin Bannier  committed c7eadb3

Correctly handle slides with verbatim

There seems to be a long-standing issue with beamer and verbatim environments
where if a frame isn't marked as fragile the file won't compile. So let's make
every but the first (title) frame fragile. It shouldn't hurt.

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 beamer :: Block -> Block
 beamer (Header 1 text) = RawBlock "latex" 
-       (concat ["\\end{frame}\n\n\\begin{frame}{",
+       (concat ["\\end{frame}\n\n\\begin{frame}[fragile]{",
                 (stringify text), "}\n"])
 beamer (Para [Image xs (u, t)]) = RawBlock "latex" ("\\centerline{\\includegraphics[width=0.8\\textheight]{" ++ u ++ "}}\n")
 beamer x=x