“Originally proposed in Hofstadter's ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach’, typogenetics
  is a formal system intended to capture the essence of what was known about
  biological genetics at the time (1979).

  The system was the topic for my research project undertaken as part of the
  honours programme within the School of Computer Science and Software
  ngineering (CSSE), Monash University, during 1999.” -- Andrew Snare

For further information and the full text of the thesis, please refer to .

Published curtesy of Andrew Snare.


We (a group of nerds at the local hackspace) are currently reading and
discussing the book “Gödel, Escher Bach” by Douglas Hofstadter. In Chapter XVI,
the author proposes a set of rules for a game called “Typogenetics.”

Given the date of publication, the system was probably meant to be played with
pen and paper. Thirty odd years later, computer hardware is sufficiently
advanced to tackle this beast on a computer, though. What should I say… we are
a lazy bunch ;)

Big thanks goes out to Andrew Snare who let us publish this. Revision 1 of this
repository represents the code as extracted from the PDF of his thesis. In
addition, helped our understanding of the chapter mentioned above a lot.


This code depends on the PQueue Python module, written by Andrew Snare and
released under the LGPL license.

Source can be downloaded from

Debian maintains a package—including patches—for this module under the name
python-pqueue: .