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Located in the center of Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong province, Ho Chi Minh City and less than 250 kilometers, from the city of Buon Me Thuot nearly 130 km, you will not lose too much time for exciting journey to discover majestic natural, unspoiled lands of the Highlands. At Daknong Lodge Resort, you will be living in a new space full of friendly smiles, the cheery. All your demands will be met by service our perfect.

first impression of you when you arrive dak nong lodge resort would be 50 rooms with modern furnishings, airy space with views over most of campus than 2 hectares, intertwined with trees, lake naturally with the chilly air will bring you a relaxed and peaceful in mind, helping you to listen to shift the lightness of time are hiding here somewhere. In some rooms, guests can find the television, waiting area, hairdryer, balcony, internet access wireless (complimentary). The hotel offers many recreational opportunities unique as karaoke, sauna, spa, massage, garden.

In particular, the restaurant of Dak Nong Lodge Resort is also the ideal choice for food lovers. With views of the lake, airy space, in the dining area guests will enjoy much real traditional food, buffet, snacks ... Also, after a day exploring the region Dak Nong fascinating, visitors do not miss the exquisite massage therapy to soothe the spirit and sleep better.

The hotel offers the recreational activities like karaoke, massage, fishing, spa, sauna to make your stay truly unforgettable. In particular, the Lodge Restaurant you will enjoy the typical dishes of the Highland mountains.

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