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Oven door Vu Huong Hotel is a great combination between natural beauty and absolute luxury, providing the best services for the tourists. With the design aesthetic of the hotel high oven door with the typical architecture gives you a feeling of luxury and tranquility. Khach san Vu Huong - Huong Giang Restaurant 2 - With more than 80 rooms of the hotel Vu Huong system, equipped interiors and luxurious amenities, decorated in a cozy, elegant, with information systems advanced communications, will meet all your needs. The rooms are decorated in harmony, modern, fully equipped: air conditioning, telephone, cable TV, free wifi, fridge, bath shower, bathroom supplies. .. With attentive service, dedicated, Vu Huong hotel with high quality standards will bring comfort, convenience for customers.

vu huong hotel nghe an is built in a 3 star, with 80 rooms and 8 VIP dining room, 1 large hall. The hotel has 2 lifts, 3 stairs and parking closed system and 32-inch Sony TV Panasonic 50 inch plasmal connection cable TV, free Wi-Fi system with PBX.

Whether you choose hotel or hotel Vu Huong Giang Huong restaurant, you'll feel at ease and comfortable as at home. All we have always regarded you as a special guest, as members of our family and we will always try to make your holiday memorable and wonderful. If you are an ideal place to meet business partners, to relax, to enjoy the beauty of the sea with the full services and amenities, come to hotel door Vu Huong - hotels crab worry!

Guests traveling Cua Lo Beach, staying at hotels Vu Huong, eat in the restaurant of Hotel Guests will enjoy the cool and innocent beauty, dreaming of the beach, enjoying dishes the countryside Art momentum vocals mixed rustic home leg of the restaurant staff. Hotels with new facilities fully expect our hotels will give you the day off, meaningful holiday party loved ones, family, friends and lovers.

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