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tidy up dependencies *slightly*

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 version = '0.1'
 install_requires = [
-    # List your project dependencies here.
-    # For more details, see:
-    #
+    "mechanize",
+    "nose",     #this should be made optional for end-users
+    "trasher",  #this should be made optional
+    "openmeta", #this should be made optional


 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
-from citeulike import citeulike_api
-from citeulike.citeulike_api import strip_html_tags, strip_tex_nonsense, strip_wrapping_braces
+from citeulike_api import citeulike_api
+from citeulike_api.citeulike_api import strip_html_tags, strip_tex_nonsense, strip_wrapping_braces
 import codecs
 import os.path
 from sphinx.util import texescape
 from collections import defaultdict
 from base import BaseRenderer
+output to ReST. This should probably be reimplemented as a Jinja2 thing, likke the ReST output
 class Renderer(BaseRenderer):
     # template_name = "bibtex_plain.bib"


 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
 from base import BaseRenderer
-from citeulike.citeulike_api import strip_wrapping_braces
+from citeulike_api.citeulike_api import strip_wrapping_braces
 class Renderer(BaseRenderer):