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CiteULike Client

a python client for Citeulike.

This project has just been spun off possumpalace_kit, my blog engine.

If you notice any problems with paths or dependencies, please file a patch. Or just fork it. I'll make you maintainer in all likelihood, as I'm no longer using CiteULike so very much, having banned myself from spending too much time working around its foibles.

The CUL "API" was pieced together from forum comments made by the CUL staff over time.

e.g. how to


Here is an example of how i use this from my file to write out a bibtex file of all records and download all PDFs:

if options is None: options=globals()['options'] from citeulike.citeulike_api import CiteULike

outjsonpath = path(options.docroot)/options.bibtex_json_file if os.path.isabs(options.attachment_path):

outpdfpath = path(options.attachment_path)
outpdfpath = path(options.docroot)/options.attachment_path
cul = CiteULike(username=options.cul_username,
password=options.cul_pass, json_cache=outjsonpath, attachment_path=outpdfpath

) cul.cache_records() bibtex_string = cul.render('bibtex')

with, 'w', 'utf-8') as bf: