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 def get_tmp_dir():
     import tempfile
     return tempfile.mkdtemp()
 class FSDict(dict):
     def __setstate__(self, state):
         self.__dict__ = state
         self.work_dir = path(self.work_dir)
+    def setdefault(self, k, d=None):
+        if k not in self:
+            self[k] = d
+        return self[k]

File contents unchanged.


     assert d2 != fsd
     assert d3 != fsd
     assert "foo" != fsd
+def test_fsdict_setdefault():
+    """does setdefault work as expected?"""
+    d = FSDict()
+    yield assert_equal, d.setdefault('a',2), 2
+    #sure, but did that REALLY go to the FS?
+    yield assert_true, (d.work_dir/'a').exists()
+    yield assert_equal, d.setdefault('a',3), 2
+    d.cleanup()
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