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 *Release date: 9-May-2011*
-* I spin this package off possumpalace_kit
+* I spin this package off
 pythonic file tagging
-Simple-to-trivial wrapper for OpenMeta. Rather than re-implementing OpenMeta
+Simple-to-trivial wrapper for OpenMeta_. Rather than re-implementing OpenMeta
 using, say, Bob Ippolito's excellent xattr_, I decided to do it by wrapping
 the already-functional CLI binary, on advice from those more experienced than
 myself who suggested that the pain in getting OpenMeta working as advertised
-was great and terrible.
+from the direct xattr business was great and terrible.
 Warning - this thing does rely on parsing the output of CLI apps, with the
 flakiness and performance troubles that implies. However, it's working
 reliably for me.
+    >>> import openmeta
+    >>> open('./test.txt', 'w').close()
+    >>> openmeta.set_tags('./test.txt', ['foo', 'bar'])
+    >>> openmeta.get_meta('./test.txt')['tags']
+    ['foo', 'bar']
-- openmeta_
+- OpenMeta_
 - xattr_
-.. _openmeta:
+.. _OpenMeta:
 .. _xattr: