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about possumpalace_kit

Code to support research blog sites
written in ReStructuredText_/Sphinx_.Your notes live in a mercurial_
repository on your laptop hard-drive or wherever else you want them, and are
synchronised with another repository at `my webhost`_, whence you see them.
Mercurial handles versioning really nicely if you collaborate with others.
The code is freely available
under the BSD license `from bitbucket <bitbucket.org/howthebodyworks/possumpalace_kit/>`_

This is a cool setup for a grad student. This doesn't stop me from writing when
I'm offline; I spend a lot of my time in parts of the world without wireless
cafes. Additionally, this thingy supports TeX equations, constantly updated
entries, citation indices (some hacking was required to make that go) and generation of fully-formatted print versions of articles for journals.
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