privateer / privateer_pyevolve /

# encoding: utf-8

.. module:: privateer_sim
   :synopsis: actual sim worker

.. moduleauthor:: Dan MacKinlay <>

from pyevolve import G1DList
from pyevolve import GSimpleGA
from pyevolve import Selectors
from pyevolve import Statistics
# from pyevolve import DBAdapters
from pyevolve import Selectors, Crossovers, Consts, Initializators, Mutators, Scaling

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import market
import PrivateerCrossovers

import argparse

def main():
    import privateers
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="simulate some traders in a  stochastic market")
    parser.add_argument('--trader-class', help='Trader class name', default='CARATrader' )
    parser.add_argument('--seed', help='seed value', default=None )
    values = parser.parse_args()
    trader_class = getattr(privateers, values.trader_class)
    run_sim(trader_class, values.seed)
def run_sim(trader_class, seed):
    # Genome instance, 1D List of 1 element
    genome = G1DList.G1DList(1)

    # Sets the range max and min of the 1D List
    # sigma is delicate - without it being set high, convergence is to a non-zero value
    #TODO - explore the sensitivity of this
    genome.setParams(rangemin=-20.0, rangemax=20.0,
      gauss_mu=0.00, gauss_sigma=10.)
    # The evaluator function (evaluation function)
    def value_of_lifetime(gen):        
        return market.value_of_lifetime(gen, Klass=trader_class)
    # Mutator function 
    # Crossover function must be set to something that can handle 1-elem list
    # genome.crossover.set(PrivateerCrossovers.G1DListCrossoverMean)
    # genome.crossover.set(PrivateerCrossovers.G1DListCrossoverBitwise)
    # Genetic Algorithm Instance
    ga_engine = GSimpleGA.GSimpleGA(genome,seed=seed)

    # ga_engine.selector.set(Selectors.GRouletteWheel)

    # Set the selector method, the number of generations and
    # the termination criteria
    #Don't check to convergence - it converges on false minima all the time
    # ga_engine.terminationCriteria.set(GSimplega_engine.ConvergenceCriteria)
    pop = ga_engine.getPopulation()
    # ga_engine.setMutationRate(0.05)
    # ga_engine.setElitism(True)
    # ga_engine.setElitismReplacement(80)
    # # Sets the DB Adapter, the resetDB flag will make the Adapter recreate
    # # the database and erase all data every run, you should use this flag
    # # just in the first time, after the pyevolve.db was created, you can
    # # omit it.
    # sqlite_adapter = DBAdapters.DBSQLite(identify="ex1", resetDB=True)
    # ga_engine.setDBAdapter(sqlite_adapter)
    # ga_engine.setInteractiveMode(True)
    # Do the evolution, with stats dump
    # frequency of 20 generations
    # Best individual
    print ga_engine.bestIndividual()

plot_line = None

def update_plot(ga_engine):
    global plot_line
    generation = ga_engine.getCurrentGeneration()

    # import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
    genomes = []
    fitnesses = []
    for individual in ga_engine.getPopulation():
    # plt.clf()
    # series = plt.gca().lines
    # if len(series): del(series[0])
    if plot_line is None:
        plot_line, = plt.plot(genomes, fitnesses)

    return False

if __name__ == "__main__":

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