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compressor, limiter, and a soothing insect-like attractor with occasional fuctuations

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 	Out.ar(i_out, In.ar(i_in, 2));
+SynthDef(\agc_2, {
+	|i_in, i_out, threshold=0.05, slope=0.5, clampTime=0.1, relaxTime=0.3|
+	Limiter.ar(
+		Compander.ar( i_in, Mix(i_in).max(0.0001), threshold, 1.0, slope, clampTime, relaxTime ),
+	0.999)
 SynthDef(\jack_3, {
 ~globalOuts = Bus.new(\audio, 0, 2);
 ~swarmOuts = Bus.audio(s, 2); //compress swarm separately?
-~jack = Synth.new(\jack_2, [\i_in, ~globalOuts, \i_out, ~swarmOuts]);
+q=n.copy.setUp(s, ~swarmOuts, nil, 20, 1);
+~comp = Synth.after(q.particleGroup, \agc_2, [\i_in, ~globalOuts, \i_out, ~swarmOuts]);
 q=n.copy.setUp(s, ~swarmOuts, nil, 1);
 q=n.copy.setUp(s, ~swarmOuts, nil, 100, 1);
-q=n.copy.setUp(s, ~swarmOuts, nil, 20, 1);
 q=n.copy.setUp(s, ~swarmOuts, nil, 20, 0.1);
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