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better skeleton

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   details to be abstracted away, and to track resources needing freeing.*/
   //Instance vars are all public to aid debugging, but, honestly, don't
-  //touch 'em.
+  //touch 'em. Why would you touch them?
+  var <server;
+  var <queue;
+  var <all;
+  *new {|server|
+    ^newCopyArgs(server).init;
+  }
+  init {
+    all = IdentityDictionary.new;
+    queue = (queue ?? {PSServerQueue.new(server);});
+  }
+  playIndividual {|phenome|
+    NotYetImplementedError.new.throw;
+  }
+  freeIndividual {|phenome|
+    NotYetImplementedError.new.throw;
+  }
+  updateFitnesses {
+    Not YetImplementedError.new.throw;
+  }
 PSServerQueue {
   //a queue to service instructions, waiting on sync from a particular server
-  var <>server;
-  var <>fifo;
-  var <>worker;
-  var <flag;
+  var <server;
+  var <fifo;
+  var <worker;
+  var flag;
   *new {|server|
     ^super.newCopyArgs(server ? Server.default).init;
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