Takeshi Komiya avatar Takeshi Komiya committed aaa88e7

Added tag blockdiag-1.0.0, seqdiag-0.3.0, actdiag-0.3.0, nwdiag-0.3.0 for changeset 4e292c1848cf

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 6a979e1d29e5a490d418e21974ef7625fbe9c4ef actdiag-0.2.3
 54812ae19666b021774de8e87444eb62d4ff0530 doxylink-1.2
 b983e96fd440a8d3037967831b270e16a3eefe2d plantuml-0.2
+4e292c1848cff66c8c9e547c63ef47e367976d6a blockdiag-1.0.0
+4e292c1848cff66c8c9e547c63ef47e367976d6a seqdiag-0.3.0
+4e292c1848cff66c8c9e547c63ef47e367976d6a actdiag-0.3.0
+4e292c1848cff66c8c9e547c63ef47e367976d6a nwdiag-0.3.0
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