sphinx-contrib / feed / TODO.txt


- create tests to verify handling of relative *image* links
- improve and document the toctree-like "latest" directive

  - should this be restricted to titlesonly? -
  - support custom date format
  - why are latest list entires marked as external references?
  - make sorting by date optional
  - make displaying date optional
  - support microformats for date display
  - rather than ignoring undated articles, include them at the bottom of the list.
  - make sure articles with no date come at the bottom of the list.
  - support dates on links and subheadings
  - flatten everything in the list down to one level
  - fix bug with recursive display - atm if you explicitly include subdirs, it will explode when writing HTML in environment.collect_relations 
  - better markup for dates - need a class to attach etc
- write rss at the new `html-collect-pages` event