sphinx-contrib / feed / TODO.txt

Full commit

- create tests to verify handling of relative *image* links
- package up this project for independent pypi download
- something is definitely not right with cleaning up the pickled doctree after
  a document is moved - it vanishes from the tree unless you rebuild. That is
  going to suck to write tests for
- improve and document the toctree-like "latest" directive

  - why are latest list entires marked as external references?
  - make *sorting* by date optional
  - how can i force updates when a child document of a toc overview is
  - make *displaying* date optional
  - support custom date format when it *is* displayed
  - (blue sky) How about, then, supporting microformats for date display?
  - optionally, rather than ignoring undated articles, include them at the
    bottom of the list.
  - (Blue sky) support dates on links and subheadings rather than just whole
    documents (requires work with sphinx/docutils)
  - create tests of round-trip date parsing (Are the displayed dates the same
    as the supplied ones?
  - fix bug with recursive display - ATM if you explicitly include subdirs, it
    will explode when writing HTML in environment.collect_relations
    - testcase? Is this actually true, or was that a badly formatted site?

- not just a site feed but per-topic (per-subdirectory?) rss feeds

  - therefore provide markup for embedding such a per-topic rss feed at the
    appropriate place

- write rss at the new `html-collect-pages` event