tinkerer-fix-url-patch / CONTRIBUTORS

Andrea Crotti - Code cleanup, enabled nose and tox
Bernhard Grotz - German translation
Jordi Bofill - Tinkerer internationalization, Spanish and Catalan translations
Rod Morehead - Non-XML entity patch for HTML-to-XML conversion
Yoshihisa Tanaka - Fixed problem caused by non-ascii content
Ińigo Serna - Sidebar widgets for categories, tags and tag cloud
Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski - Polish translation
Christian Jann - Configurable number of posts/page, "Read more" implementation, email obfuscator, other enhancements and numerous bug fixes
Éric de la Musse - Localization bugfix, French translation
Antti Kaihola - Bugfix for "more" directive
Visa Kopu - Fix category links, XML declaration introduced in