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revert previous commit, which confused pathname and template name and caused explosions thereby

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File tinkerer/ext/

     # feed pubDate is equal to latest post pubDate
     context["pubDate"] = context["items"][0]["pubDate"]
-    yield ("rss", context, app.config.rss_path)
+    yield ("rss", context, "rss.html")
+def move_rss(app, exception):
+    '''
+    Sphinx only allows us to build files with html extensions, so the rss file will end up with 
+    ".html" as a suffix. This is inappropriate for most webserves, which will infer an incorrect
+    MIME-type. We move it here.
+    '''
+    if exception is not None:
+        return
+    if app.config.rss_path == "rss.html":
+        return
+    import shutil
+    import pdb; pdb.set_trace()