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Allow specification of RSS file from a config setting for those whose ISP will not server .html files with the requisite XML mime type

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     app.add_config_value("tagline", "My blog", True)
     app.add_config_value("author", "Winston Smith", True)
     app.add_config_value("rss_service", None, True)
+    app.add_config_value("rss_path", "rss.html", True)
     app.add_config_value("website", "", True)
     app.add_config_value("posts_per_page", 10, True)


     Adds RSS service link to page context.
     context["rss_service"] = app.config.rss_service
+    context["rss_path"] = app.config.rss_path
 def generate_feed(app):
     # feed pubDate is equal to latest post pubDate
     context["pubDate"] = context["items"][0]["pubDate"]
-    yield ("rss", context, "rss.html")
+    yield ("rss", context, app.config.rss_path)
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