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stompclient is a python 2.6+ client for interacting with STOMP servers (aka brokers).

It supports both a "simplex" (publish-only) client, for use in situations where you just need to send messages to a server (e.g. from the context of a request in a web application) and a "duplex" (publish-subscribe) implementation that supports receiving frames from the server.

This project was motivated by the same "why-is-there-no-decent-python-solution?" sentiment of CoilMQ. Currently this product should be considered beta-quality. There's a good start to testing, but more tests need to be written. And it is possible that the API will need to change.

Read on for getting started, jump to User Documentation or browse the online version of the API Documentation.


Install latest (from PyPI) using easy_install:

shell$ easy_install stompclient

Import & start using it:

from stompclient import PublishClient

client = PublishClient('', 61613)
client.send('/queue/testing', 'This is the body.')

For more real-world examples (including subscribing/receiving frames), see the User Documentation.