Floris Bruynooghe  committed df47d01

Handle unicode module names

When the module name is given as unicode things should just work.
This can be common when using the unicode_literals __future__ import
for example.

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         def __delattr__(self, name):
             delattr(getmod(), name)
-    return AliasModule(modname)
+    return AliasModule(str(modname))


     assert "<AliasModule 'mymod' for 'pprint.PrettyPrinter'>" == r
     assert am.format
+def test_aliasmodule_unicode():
+    am = apipkg.AliasModule(py.builtin._totext("mymod"), "pprint")
+    assert am
 def test_aliasmodule_repr():
     am = apipkg.AliasModule("mymod", "sys")
     r = repr(am)