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Issue #66 on hold

Running devpi-server in a sub-path

created an issue

I tried running devpi in a sub-url like https://acme.example.com/devpi/root/pypi

This fails pretty soon because use will set the state variables according to the response of the devpi index using these rules:

  • devpi-server puts a slash at the beginning of urls, e.g. "login": "/+login"
  • devp-client will calculate the root_url by stripping the full path from the url provided on commandline to use

I first patched (locally) my client to calculate the root_url by stripping only the index/user path away, but then the urljoin(root_url, '/+login') would remove the path again and put "+login" on root.

Additionally the relative use commands which only mention an index or the user/index path failed even after patching that.

I request that "root_url" shall be calculated as I described and treated as the actual root (so no urljoin).

This is useful for

  • trying out devpi in the enterprise without dedicating a virtualhost (and port and firewall opening)
  • allowing custom namespacing on a higher level than users and indexes (and namespaces are a honking good idea :) )

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